Banking & Finance

Project description

Through a series of strategic acquisitions, the portfolio of Suncorp contains a several dozen financial brands. Each of these brands had its own applications to create output. Each of these systems had its own capabilities and limitations, so there was no uniform output strategy. Moreover, maintaining the more than 40 different applications (some self-developed, other purchased) was expensive and very time-consuming. The vision of Suncorp was to implement a single central platform that would deliver output services to all internal and external customers of Suncorp (read: all different brands and mail houses).

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Suncorp implemented its own shared service center that uses Scriptura Engage to generate all output to multiple channels. Scriptura Engages is also used to design and generate intelligent electronic forms. If not all customer data is available, these intelligent forms are used to retrieve missing data. It is important that the electronic forms behave fully dynamic: content and lay-out are adjusted automatically, depending on the data entered.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of Scriptura Engage, users can easily make adjustments themselves. Moreover, the output processes have to meet with certain legal rules and Scriptura Engage ensures the output processes can be using the graphical Document Flow Designer.


By using Scriptura Engage, Suncorp was able to save up to 50% efficiency in the creation and maintenance of templates. Their output from the back office also increased with 50% and the process time for a single transaction decreased with 77%.