Multichannel management

Deliver output for web, print, archive, email, social media, text (SMS) and mobile - all from a single source.

One platform

One platform to design output processes and keep track of the execution and delivery of every single communication.

Document composition

A graphical design environment to compose complex output templates. No programming required.

Interactive document assembly

Business users can personalize documents in a controlled environment.


Template deployment times have dropped drastically. On top of this, new ideas and enhancements can be prototyped much more quickly: if you come up with a new idea, you can try it out and see how it works.
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Dalton Cranston, Solutions Architect, Suncorp

National Pensions Office (NPO/RVP)

The use of templates no longer requires IT knowhow. As a result, the IT team now has more time to focus on innovative matters.
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Marc Vandersmissen - ICT Manager, National Pensions Office (NPO/RVP)