Madison Advisors’ market study

January 17, 2013

Scriptura Engage has been researched in an independent worldwide survey of Madison Advisors (for the second time). In the study they compare companies within the customer communications management (CCM) market specifically on their multichannel capabilities. The Madison Advisors' study covers both the supply and demand sides of the CCM market. The aspects of multichannel, social media and cloud technology are compared at different suppliers. Scriptura Engage came out very strong in this study.

Madison Advisors is an independent American market research agency for the customer communications management sector. The study offers companies the most objective overview possible of this market. They strongly believe in de capabilities of Scriptura Engage. Richard Huff, Principal Analyst at Madison Advisors: “Madison Advisors found Inventive Designers’ Scriptura Engage to provide robust multichannel support, including emerging social media channels and technology platforms such as the iPad and other mobile devices.”

Scriptura Engage is a platform that offers multichannel communication and enables organizations to design and deliver personalized customer communications and track responses. Although digital channels become more popular every year, be aware that multichannel communication is not just 'using different channels'. To offer a true multichannel experience it is critical to manage communications across the channels your different customer profiles prefer. This is exactly where the report says Scriptura Engage excels at.

You can get the full 5th Customer Communications Solutions Market Study on their website.