Two Familiar ICT Faces on Inventive Designers Advisory Board

January 22, 2015

Pieter Casneuf, CEO of Adam Software, and Omar Mohout, advisor for technology research centre Sirris and successful businessman, have joined the advisory board for Inventive Designers, an international company from Antwerp that develops software to help organizations and governments communicate with clients and members of the public through various channels. Casneuf and Mohout will use their expertise and experience to help the Inventive Designers CEOs, Joke Dehond and Klaas Bals, expand their company further.

Pieter Casneuf

Before moving to Adam Software, Pieter Casneuf was business unit manager for floor covering with the Domo Group. He later became one of the driving forces behind and CEO of the AdValvas Group. “I see a similarity between Adam Software and Inventive Designers: a good product with an opportunity to break through further on the global market,” says Pieter Casneuf. “That’s why I accepted the request from Joke and Klaas to act as a sounding board. I’m happy to share my own experiences gained in the international growth of Adam Software to help speed up Inventive Designers’ international expansion. Finding the right balance between taking your chances and avoiding too many risks is a massive challenge for lots of companies as they seek to expand internationally. You can feel the passion that Inventive Designers has for its product, and now is the right time to take advantage of opportunities on the Belgian market and abroad.”

Omar Mohout

Omar Mohout has gained lots of experience setting up advisory boards for fast-growing firms, having already put more than ten together. Joke Dehond and Klaas Bals asked him to help develop and be part of their company’s advisory board. He’s also a valued member of various other software companies’ advisory boards, and has grown from being an entrepreneur into an advisor, coach and mentor for growing companies. He regularly holds workshops and is an experienced speaker. Omar Mohout also publishes articles about start-up companies, business models and the challenges facing technology companies, such as growth, their ‘go-to-market’, pricing and the evolution from selling software with licences to using cloud services. “Inventive Designers already has clients in 20 countries, but definitely has the potential to become more active worldwide, and at least double its turnover. I’ll be able to help them with this,” says Omar Mohout.

Inventive Designers

“Our company has evolved dramatically over the last two years,” says Joke Dehond, CEO for Inventive Designers. “Pieter, Omar and the board of directors will help us develop the company further. Amongst other things, they’ll help with our continued internationalization and partnership development.”

The new advisory board is a next step in the evolution of Inventive Designers. Last month the company from Hoboken also announced that Drupal founder Dries Buytaert has joined the Inventive Designers board of directors this year.