Fake paper invoices could’ve been avoided with IntelliStamp

June 18, 2013

Belgian newspapers reported yesterday about invoice fraude. Forgers intercepted paper invoices in the postal system and changed the account numbers on the invoices. After dozens of individuals and companies lost significant sums of money by paying a faked invoice, Belgians start doubting all documents. Using IntelliStamp could have prevented such large fraud practices.

It's simple: when the invoice is created, the document is digitally signed with IntelliStamp. IntelliStamp will place a secured bar code on the document. This barcode can contain the total amount of the invoice, the invoice number or the entire content of the document. The invoice can be emailed or can be printed and sent on paper. In this way, deeds, certificates, policies, invoices or other documents are safely delivered digitally or printed.

Possible fraud on the paper document, such as the recent invoice counterfeits where the account number was changed, can be detected by verifying the IntelliStamp, because IntelliStamp contains the authentic contents of the invoice.

By using IntelliStamp organizations can deliver and sign their policies, contracts or invoices digitally. This results in huge cost and time savings. Already some organisations are using IntelliStamp to secure their documents and to prevent fraud.

"We recognize this situation. The Dutch health insurer IAK also had to deal with forgery of policies. By securing their documents with IntelliStamp, every printed or digital document can be easily checked on fraud." says Joke Dehond, CEO of Inventive Designers, "People still - wrongly - have a lot of confidence in paper, but paper can be counterfeit as well. Even a company stamp, a signature of the manager or using letterhead unfortunately offers no guarantee about the authenticity of the document that you receive. Fraudsters are becoming more inventive. "

Verifying the received invoice can be done both online and offline. Online by entering the reference code of the IntelliStamp. Automatic verification of the document is also possible: when uploading the document, it will automatically compare with the original version. Any attempt to fraud is hereby highlighted in red. When verifying offline, you can scan the IntelliStamp QR-code and you can manually compare the contents with the original document.