Dries Buytaert becomes director at Inventive Designers

December 18, 2014

On 1 January 2015, Dries Buytaert will join the board of directors for Inventive Designers, a company from Antwerp that develops its own software for customer communications through various channels. As creator of Drupal, content management software that is used all over the world, and founder of Acquia, Buytaert is well placed to guide Inventive Designers in its continued international growth.

Buytaert will become the sixth member on the board of directors. The other members are Guy and Joke Dehond, Klaas Bals, Marcella Cuijpers and Jan De Schepper. Guy Dehond founded Inventive Designers 20 years ago. Two years ago he passed the reins on to his daughter Joke (CEO) and son-in-law Klaas Bals, who is chief technology officer (CTO) as well as CEO of Inventive Designers. Jan De Schepper is chairman of the ICT network organisation, ADM, and was previously vice president of Telindus, which was taken over by Belgacom, now Proximus.


Joke Dehond, Klaas Bals and Dries Buytaert all studied computer science together at the University of Antwerp. “I’ve known Inventive Designers and the current CEOs for over 15 years,” says Buytaert. “We can always call on each other for advice and have been talking about the goings on in our companies and the challenges that company managers face for years. Taking up this mandate as director of Inventive Designers is a logical next step. I think it’s great that I’ll be able to help the company more intensively this way.” It’s Buytaert’s first time as director of an organisation he hasn’t founded himself or isn’t a shareholder of.

“We’re a growing organisation and think it’s a good idea to bring in someone with Dries’ experience, knowledge and advice. Our challenges lie mainly in our further internationalisation and Software-as-a-Service,” says Joke Dehond, who this year was awarded one of the top 3 ICT Women of the Year by trade journal Data News. “As a software developer and businessman, he fully understands our challenges. His insights are invaluable for our company.”


Inventive Designers wants to do more international business again. The company used to earn over 90% of its turnover abroad, but has focused more on the domestic market in recent years. The organisation has taken on 12 extra employees in its development, services, sales and marketing departments over the last two years, and now employs 41 people in total. It finished the last financial year, ending on 31 December 2013, with a turnover of more than €4.4m, compared to almost €4.1m in 2012.

Inventive Designers develops software that organisations and governments can use to automate the creation, sending and monitoring of communications by email, text message, apps on mobile devices and paper. Clients receive personalised offers, invoices and other information through the channel of their choice based on their profile and preferences.

Inventive Designers concentrates mainly on banks, insurance companies, utilities, telecommunications companies and governments because of the complexity and large volumes of their communication with clients and other individuals.

The company from Hoboken has 280 clients in 17 different countries. In Belgium, clients include Acerta, Belfius, Proximus and the National Pensions Office.

Inventive Designers' software now has a wider market audience with the separate ‘point solutions’ for designing and using electronic forms and the layout of interactive documents, which it recently started offering alongside its main platform, Scriptura Engage.

About Dries Buytaert

The open source content management software, Drupal, by Dries Buytaert, is used to build and manage websites all over the world. Drupal users include the White House, Al Jazeera, Cisco, Disney, eBay, General Electric, Harvard, Intel, MIT, NBC, Samsung, Stanford and Time. With Acquia, which supplies software and services for Drupal, Dries Buytaert has one of the most promising and fastest growing software companies in the US. This year Data News awarded him ICT Personality of the Year.

About Inventive Designers

Inventive Designers makes software and provides services to help companies and governments improve their communications with clients. They use Scriptura Engage software by Inventive Designers to send personalised information by email, text message, apps on mobile devices and paper based on the recipient’s profile and preferences. Inventive Designers has 280 clients in 17 countries. In Belgium, clients include Acerta, Belfius, Proximus and the National Pensions Office.

Inventive Designers was founded by Guy Dehond in 1994. Joke Dehond and Klaas Bals became co-CEOs and owners of the firm in December 2012. It has 41 employees and achieved a turnover of more than €4.4m in 2013.

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