Klaas Bals

Member Directors Board

I'm passionate about technology, attracted to computers since I was 8 years old. Driven by this passion, I studied computer science at the University of Antwerp.

I started my professional career as a software developer, and quickly broadened my horizons beyond pure technology by speaking at various conferences, co-authoring an IBM Redbook, actively participating in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and working on software solutions from a more strategic perspective.

I've learned that the technology itself is only the start, and applying that technology to optimize peoples everyday life and improving enterprises' top and bottom line results, is the real challenge. Delivering a solution that accomplishes this, gives me the biggest satisfaction I can imagine.

I'm driven by the goal to deliver state-of-the-art software technology to non-technical people, by building a team of professionals and applying each person's strengths to improve the end-result. And having fun doing this!

I love innovation, and learned to love entrepreneurship from my Father In Law. I studied an Management Fundamentals at the University of Antwerp, and did an Executive Master Class in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vlerick. I’m godfather of a Plato series on Innovation, guiding a group of 18 SME entrepreneurs about everyting related to innovation.

I see myself as an open minded and motivated person, with a very broad interest and resulting broad expertise. I'm passionate about all aspects of Software Technology Companies, ranging from technology to management. I have a lot of experience with Enterprise Software deployed with large organizations. As a people manager, I believe I have a lot of empathy. I do demand high involvement and pay a lot of attention to forming a good team with a positive spirit.



Klaas Bals is CEO and CTO at Inventive Designers where he leads the technical teams and determines the product vision.


Klaas Bals loves innovation and combines this with technology to create and deliver software he’s proud of.

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