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General conditions of sale

Software license agreements

The use of Inventive Designers' products is always subject to a software license agreement which is shown during the installation of the product. Installing a product is only possible after accepting the license agreement.

Beta Testing Software License Agreement

Software Maintenance and Support Agreement

Copyright policy

Copyright in the documents, materials and software ("Contents") on the Inventive Designers Web Server is owned by Inventive Designers NV, unless otherwise indicated. Inventive Designers hereby authorizes you to copy documents published by Inventive Designers on the World Wide Web for non-commercial uses within your organization only. In consideration of this authorization, you agree that any copy of these documents which you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein.

Email disclaimer

This email is intended for the exclusive use by the person(s) mentioned as recipient(s). This email and its attachments, if any, contain confidential information and/or may contain information protected by intellectual property rights or others rights. This email does not constitute any commitment from Inventive Designers NV or its subsidiaries except when expressly agreed in a written agreement between the intended recipient and Inventive Designers NV or its subsidiaries. The contents of this email is client attorney privileged communication. If you receive this email by mistake, please notify the sender and delete this email immediately from your system and destroy all copies of it. You may not, directly or indirectly, use, disclose, distribute, print or copy this email or any part of it if you are not the intended recipient.

Privacy policy

Inventive Designers is committed to protecting your online privacy and takes every precaution in order to protect your privacy while you visit this website.

You may visit our website without giving us any personal data. However, in order to be able to supply you with specific services and products, we may need to collect certain personal data. Inventive Designers or its representatives will use the personal data to supply the service or information required and may further use the information supplied to keep you posted about its activities and possibly for direct marketing and statistical purposes.

Inventive Designers is responsible for processing the personal data collected through this website. You have the permanent right to access and control your personal data and to arrange for it to be amended and updated when necessary, on simple request in writing addressed to Inventive Designers at the address stated below.

While you visit our website, we may store information in your computer by means of a cookie or any similar file. The stored information enables us to enhance the quality of our services and to make your next visit of our site as smooth as possible. Most Internet browsers enable you to delete these cookies from your hard drive, to block them or to inform you of their presence, before they can be definitely stored. For more information about these functions, please consult the instructions on the information screen of your browser.

You can contact us here or by writing to Inventive Designers nv/sa, To the attention of the Internet Responsible, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 552, B2660 Hoboken, Belgium.

Cookie Policy

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Cookies are small data files store on your device by us (and any of our third party service providers) to make this site work properly.
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The cookie-related information is not used to identify you personally (except as provided below) and these cookies are not used for any purpose other than those described here.

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What are cookies and how do they work?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on or downloads to your computer or mobile device when you visit the site to receive content, products and services and access online information.

The server of the website can only read the cookies it has placed itself and thus has no access to any other information on your computer or device.
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How do we use cookies?

Cookies that are needed to provide the content, product or service you have asked for such as (for example):

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Improving your browsing experience

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We like to keep track of what websites, information and links are popular and which ones do not get used so much, to help us keep our information relevant and up to date.
It is also very useful to be able to identify trends of how people navigate (find their way through) our information and when and where 'error messages' may originate.
This group of cookies, often called 'analytics cookies' are used to gather this information.
The information collected is grouped with the information from everyone else’s cookies.
We can then see the overall patterns of usage rather than any one person’s activity.
Analytics cookies are used to improve how an application, a website and its pages work.

Our websites and communications you get from us can also contain small invisible images known as 'web beacons' or ' pixels'.
These are used to count the number of times the page or email has been viewed and allows us to measure the effectiveness of the communication.
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Do we use other cookies?

Some of our pages or subsites may use additional or different cookies to the ones described above.
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You may be asked for your agreement to store these cookies.

How to control cookies

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You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed.
If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.


Inventive Designers respecteert uw online privacy en doet daarom al het mogelijke om uw privacy in relatie tot het gebruik dat u maakt van onze website te beschermen.

U kan onze website bezoeken zonder, ook maar één persoonsgegeven dat u betreft te leveren. Om bepaalde producten en diensten, die op onze website worden aangeboden, te kunnen leveren, moet Inventive Designers evenwel kunnen beschikken over sommige van uw persoonsgegevens. Inventive Designers of haar vertegenwoordigers zal uw gegevens gebruiken om u in de eerste plaats de gevraagde dienst of informatie te kunnen leveren en om u verder op de hoogte te houden van haar activiteiten, en eventueel voor statistische en direct marketing doeleinden.

Inventive Designers treedt op als verantwoordelijke van de verwerking van de persoonsgegevens die via deze website worden verzameld. U kan ons steeds om toegang tot persoonsgegevens die op u betrekking hebben verzoeken om ze te controleren en ons vragen om ze te verbeteren en bij te werken, op eenvoudig schriftelijk verzoek verstuurd naar het adres van Inventive Designers hieronder vermeld.

Tijdens uw bezoek aan onze website kunnen wij informatie opslaan op uw computer onder de vorm van een cookie of van een gelijkaardig bestand. Die informatie maakt het ons mogelijk om u een betere dienstverlening te bieden en latere bezoeken van de website makkelijker te doen verlopen. Met de meeste internetbrowsers kan u de cookies van uw harde schijf verwijderen, of vragen dat de browser u van hun aanwezigheid op de hoogte brengt, vooraleer ze definitief worden opgeslagen. Om meer over die functies te weten te komen, kan u de instructies lezen die verschijnen op het informatiescherm van uw browser.

U kan hier met ons contact opnemen of door te schrijven naar Inventive Designers nv, Ter attentie van Internet Verantwoordelijke, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 552, B2660 Hoboken, België.

Charte de confidentialité

Inventive Designers respecte votre vie privée et met donc tout en oeuvre pour protéger vos droits en la matière dans le cadre de votre utilisation de notre site web.

Vous pouvez naviguer sur notre site web sans fournir des données à caractère personnel. Toutefois, afin de pouvoir vous livrer certains produits ou services proposés sur son site web, Inventive Designers devra disposer de certaines de vos données personnelles. Inventive Designers ou ses représentants utilisera les données que vous avez transmises en vue de vous fournir le service ou les informations souhaités ainsi que pour vous tenir au courant de ses activités éventuellement à d'autres fins de direct marketing et statistiques.

Inventive Designers est responsable du traitement des informations à caractère personnel récoltées par le biais de ce site web. Vous disposez à tout moment d'un droit d'accès, de contrôle et de rectification des données vous concernant, sur simple demande écrite envoyée à l'adresse d'Inventive Designers mentionnée ci-dessous.

Durant votre visite de notre site web, nous pouvons enregistrer des données sur votre ordinateur sous la forme d'un cookie ou de tout autre fichier de ce type. Ces informations nous permettent de mieux calibrer nos services et de faciliter vos visites ultérieures sur notre site web. La plupart des navigateurs Internet vous permettent d'effacer les cookies éventuels de votre disque dur, de les bloquer, ou de vous informer de leur présence, avant qu'ils soient enregistrés de manière définitive. Pour de plus amples informations sur ces fonctions, nous vous invitons à lire les instructions qui apparaissent sur l'écran d'information de votre navigateur.

Vous pouvez nous contacter ici ou par courrier à l'adresse Inventive Designers sa, à l'attention du Responsable Internet, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 552, B2660 Hoboken, Belgique.