National Pensions Office (NPO/RVP)


Project description

The National Pensions Office is a Belgian public institution, which is part of the Belgian Social Security System The organization has a central headquarter in Brussels and 15 regional offices, spread over the country. Every year, an average 2million people receive a pension, as well as a tax statement from the National Pensions Office. This means that on average this institution sends out several millions of documents and forms. The implementation of Scriptura Engage was focused on file handling as well as on the online portal MyPension, where citizens can monitor their personal pension information and access or deliver information through use of electronic forms.

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There was no central platform to create and monitor the communication. When the employees received a question from customers without a standard response, a new document had to be created ad hoc in MS Word. There was no standard template employees could use, so there was no consistency in content and lay-out. Help was needed from the IT-department, which took a lot of time.


Every year, 200,000 pensioners who live abroad receive this form by post. They are required to fill out the document and have it officially stamped by the local government institution as proof that they are still alive. Such a document must at least be bilingual: some information in the country’s official language will facilitate matters for their administration, such that they can understand what is involved. By using the integrated multilingual features from Scriptura Engage, reusable objects and automated business logic, different languages ​​can now be managed in only one single template. The NPO managed to transfer 149 to only 19 templates.


On the website, citizens can login and manage their own pension data. The NPO also provides input forms on this portal to request additional documents or to complete your information. Before the citizens had to print the form, fill it out and send it back by postal mail to the NPO after which is was scanned and processed manually.

Scriptura Engage now makes forms available online and automates further processing. The intelligent forms ensure a personal and relevant user experience by dynamically changing content and lay-out based on the information provided by a user.