Joke Dehond nominated as ICT Woman of the Year

January 13, 2014
Antwerp, Belgium

Joke Dehond, co-CEO of Inventive Designers, was nominated for the Datanews ICT Woman of the year 2014. The nomination is a recognition of the path Joke took over a year ago when she became co-CEO of the company where she started at the bottom of the ladder.

Last year was a busy one for Joke Dehond. After all, at the end of 2012 she became co-CEO of Inventive Designers – the company that her father, Guy Dehond, helped set. Although she was still young when she came into contact with computers, Joke Dehond only really got to grips with them during her computer science studies at the University of Antwerp. Because working for a big company was not to her liking, she started as software developer at Inventive Designers, where she gradually grew into the business side of the company and restructured the sales organization.

Joke Dehond entered that tradition by being the first woman in Belgium (and second in Europe) to be awarded the Electronic Document Professional certificate from Xplor – the worldwide association of document specialists, where Dehond herself now sits on the certification committee.

Inventive Designers is still active in organizations like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in relation to the Web Cryptography working group. Joke herself concentrates on communication, strategy and business development, and in this connection is working on such things as SAAS possibilities for the core products of Scriptura (one of the building blocks of Tax-On-Web) and Intellistamp (digital signatures).
... And luckily she still has time for her family with two young sons and her husband Klaas Bals, also co-CEO of Inventive Designers, but focused on IT.