OpenSSL Heartbleed

April 7, 2014
written by
Product Architect

As you may have noticed in various media a security issue has been found in the OpenSSL library (dubbed the heartbleed bug) affecting many servers, sites and services around the globe which could potentially have leaked data. This library is also used in parts of our infrastructure.

Vulnerable components were

- Our corporate website including the private customer section
- Our product plugin marketplace
- Our E-Mail Test service
- Our support portal
The IntelliStamp Center services were NOT affected by this issue.

As soon as fixes and updates became available, we and our partners rolled out mitigation for the attack, stopping possible breaches from occurring.

We are actively monitoring our systems and the ongoing release of information about Heartbleed, so that we may respond rapidly to any additional developments.

We have now also replaced all our SSL certificates in all affected services and revoked the old ones.

Although we have no evidence that any data has actually leaked, it is prudent to change your password if you used these services.

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