Toon Wouters

Product Developer

I grew up surrounded by computers and various electronics. Ever since playing tetris and pacman for the first time on a green screen as a small child I’ve wanted to know everything about what makes these things tick and how to create them myself. With a little help from the internet I taught myself how to program in basic and C by the age of 13.

I first obtained a degree in applied computer science from the Karel de Grote academy in Antwerp. After obtaining this degree I had my first professional experience at Inventive Designers as a developer. However, after two years I felt a renewed curiosity for the academic and went back to studying applied computer science at the Catholic University of Leuven to obtain my master’s degree. I was welcomed back into the fold at Inventive Designers after two years of absence.

I like the challenge of coming up with the best all-round solution to complex problems. I’ve learned that there is often a balance to be achieved between abstraction and practical application. I also like to be creative in coming up with new approaches to old problems.

I love to test my own limits and see whether I can rise above them. I like to dream big and believe that individuals can change the world.

I see myself as very self aware. I constantly try to improve myself in small ways on every front. I believe people working together in teams can achieve great things.



Toon is a system developer at Inventive Designers where he maintains and develops new functionality for Scriptura

Creative Dreamer

Toon loves to come up with grand ideas that could change the world. If only the world didn’t have so many shiny things to distract him