Tars Joris

Scrum Master & Team Lead

In high school, I began to develop a strong interest in computer science. I started off with a ditched IBM PC/XT, which an aunt dug up from here office’s basement. I began coding in Turbo Pascal on a monochrome display. After a year we got a basic programming training in school, where I got bad grades because I didn’t stick to the assignments.

Growing up in a family of musicians, I always thought I’d go to the conservatory and become a professional musician. I didn’t and instead I got a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Antwerp. I was glad that I finally got some answers. All along, I kept studying music and it’s another real passion. I’m playing the drums for as long as I can remember and I still perform with several bands. In 2005, I started at Inventive Designers as a developer, and since 2008, I’m managing the development team. It’s great to work in a company with a lot of expertise and a common sense of doing things right.

Working with new technologies every day keeps us from seeking comfort in what we already know.


SCRUM methodology

As development manager / SCRUM master, Tars likes to improve our processes and the way of working. A lot of the SCRUM practices help us with effectively developing our products.

Software development

Software design, concurrent programming, and XML technologies are just some of the aspects that interest Tars most.

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