Tim Cleymans

Product Consultant

My passion for computers and software design developed rather lately. In high school I was already interested in sciences, but it wasn´t until I joined the KU Leuven University that software design really drew my attention. I studied there for 2 years, but didn’t accomplish my goals there. So in 2009, I started my education in St.-Katelijne-Waver and 5 years later I can call myself Master of Science in industrial sciences: ICT.

During my education, I noticed that designing and programming software is really my thing. In my master theses, I had to design a software package for displaying the results of eye tracker research. Converting the demands of potential clients into the implementation was a great challenge, but extremely satisfying when succeeded. When I first met with Inventive Designers, it was clear that the same challenges existed here. In February 2014, I started here as a member of the Services team.

In my spare time I try to read some books and I enjoy watching movies. My true passion is music, I am currently taking lessons to play the piano, and not a day goes by where I don’t listen to music. I also try to attend a lot of concerts and festivals.



Tim is currently following a course to learn how to play the piano. He's been doing this for over 2 years now


Communication is the key to success. Understanding each other and the wishes of others is fundamental in finding a solution. Tim thinks of himself as a communicative person and loves to talk with other people about common interests

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