Stef Janssens

Product Developer

Going back to when I was about 7 years old I first came into contact with computer technology. Around that time I got my first game console, a Nintendo 64, as well as our family's first personal computer. My passion for computers was launched.

This passion continued to grow which made the choice to start studying Applied Informatics at the Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven come natural.

During this period it became clear that developing software was going to be my thing above all else, so I chose Software Development as my specialization.

My first professional experience was at the address of Inventive Designers during an internship. During those couple of months I really got the taste of developing in a business environment so I followed my time at Inventive up with another 2 months as a job student where I got even more involved with the development of the products Inventive Designers.

A short time later I couldn't resist sending in my application and becoming a proud developer of Inventive Designers.

I see myself as someone that wants to know everything about everything and is eager to learn those things as well. I'm not afraid of new experiences or new technologies. I like to keep myself constantly updated on the fascinating world of computers and computer technology.

Working on a project and seeing it grow and develop overtime is one of the most wonderful things about my line of work. Experiencing the fact that customers use the software that you developed just makes me even more motivated to keep working on said project and keep on improving it.

In my spare time I enjoy myself by being an active member of the e-sports community and a competitive gamer. Some of my other hobbies are running, going to the gym, kickboxing, playing the drums and building fancy high-end game computers.


Technology driven

Stef is fascinated by new technologies and highly motivated to try and deploy them in the battle against old and new problems

Customer driven

Stef can't help but think about how the customer uses our software and will always strive to make it as perfect as possible to create the best customer experience