Steven Hendrickx

Senior Product Developer

I still remember clearly, I got my first PC in 1994. It was a Cyrix based 486 running at 40Mhz and it had 4MB RAM and a 170MB hard drive, but no modem, no CD-ROM drive and no sound card.

Yup, thrilled by technology and especially computers from early age, I enrolled in Computer Science studies. At the University of Antwerp Software Engineering quickly became my thing. I became part of the development team at Inventive Designers in December 2005.

Software is a fascinating thing to build. To build software, it is not enough to simply write code. It's a complex and challenging creative process that involves peers, customers and other stake holders; it involves communication, brain storming, testing ideas, fostering innovation.

It often seem to to me that industry sees software development teams as a bunch of code monkeys. In my opinion, software engineers create, in cooperation with many stakeholders, concepts all the way to true solutions, and should be involved in the whole process.

At Inventive Designers we work together closely with customers and partners. Members of the development team are involved from the early ideas to design and implementation, and back again after feedback. Here a member of the development team is not a minor cog in a major machine, but an important and involved part of the software development process in a very broad manner, with a variety of responsibilities. There are no walls. Something I loudly applaud.

Good skilled people and fluent, natural communication are key. This team has both.

Although I have been working mostly with Java professionally (and gathered a lot of expertise in it), I see myself detached from a specific technology or framework. Instead I put emphasis on concepts, architecture, methodology and paradigms. I easily find my way in different environments. I have a broad interest ranging from programming languages to best code practices, from architecture and software design to User Interface and User Experience design. All in all, everything is connected.

Some call me crazy.

I'm also Batman. Sssht.


Software Engineering

You may hear Steven proclaim : "I'm not a developer, I'm a software engineer."


Steven loves to dwell in fantasy. An important corner stone of creativity (and a plus to enjoy comics and movies).