Pamela Van Gasse

Product Support & Planning

I studied Applied Computer Science in Antwerp and graduated in 2000. My very first job was with Inventive Designers, where I still work.

I started as a Software Developer, but I soon realized that wasn’t my thing. Not much later I was one of the first Services Team-members, with the desire to help customers and share information. I gave training, did some coaching and with that experience I ended up in our Support department. With my ability to understand customer’s issues and translate them for our developers, I was the right person in the right place.

I see myself as a patient person, with the passion to help others. I’m a perfectionist, I like software to not only work properly, but also look good and be user friendly.


Customer Support Specialist

Pamela is a Customer Support Specialist at Inventive Designers where she assists customers in getting their issues investigated and solved.

Training and coaching

Pamela also gives training and coaching, helping customers to better understand and use Inventive Designers’ products

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