Pieter-Jan Pintens

Product Developer

As most kids in the early nineties I grew up in a world where the PC was becoming a commodity. As a kid I mostly used our PC to play computer games. As I grew older my interest moved from the games itself to what is behind the game. It must have been around the age of 15 that I put my first steps in this context. Although I spend most of my time working on the 3d models and 3d world used in the games, it also introduced me to all kinds of programming languages and the tools required to develop an application in c/c++ on windows and linux. It also greatly affected my choice to go to the University of Antwerp to graduate as Master in Computer Science. During my studies there I discovered and used all kinds of technologies (eclipse, virtual machines, java and build mechanism, xml, …) that now form the basis of my current job.

In September 2010 I started working as a programmer for Inventive Designers. My job mostly focusses on Scriptura and includes: fixing bugs, implementing new features and maintaining our internal test infrastructure. I'm also responsible for creating the monthly release builds for all our products.

I like thinking about software design. Although it is impossible to find the perfect design my goal will always be to improve our software in such a way that it benefits most people.

If I'm not working you might find me doing one of the following things, playing volleyball, enjoying a drink with my friends or reading a sci-fi fantasy book.



Pieter-Jan is specialized in developing Build Tools and Product installers: maven, ant, xml, xslt, c++ tools, eclipse pde, our product installers.

Test infrastructure

Pieter-Jan maintains the test infrastructure at Inventive Designers