Patrick Morren

Presales Manager (external)

I studied computer science in the days that there was only one university in Belgium that offered such a course, and so I went off to Leuven and became a civil engineer in Computer Science. In those days everything about software was still in its early stages and everything was extremely scarce and precious, from memory (kilobytes) to disk space (megabytes) but also processing time. This has given me a unique experience as a software developer at the start of my career, to always look for the best performing solutions within the resources that were available.

I started of my career at Wang Laboratories, in those days the only company that took Word Processing seriously and looked after the user experience. I was fortunate enough to be given the responsibility of a multi-lingual word processor project, and after that I have developed and worked with document processing systems all my life. I worked several years in the United States for Wang, which was a unique experience; and also found the love of my life there.

Twenty years ago I met Guy Dehond, a passionate IBM Systems developer that had become a real entrepreneur, and after a brief cooperation we decided together to start our own company: Inventive Designers. Although not planned at the start, we quickly started developing our own software and were very successful, so the company grew and we got customers all over the world, including the USA.

Developing is one thing, but convincing a customer that a software application is the best fit for their needs is another. Since a few years I am now using all my experience in developing and implementing document solutions during demos, presentations and proof of concepts to show potential customers the unique approach and rich functionality of Inventive Designers products.



Patrick is the DTM expert at Inventive Designers

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