Nathalie De Blieck

Accounting & Sales Administration

As a child it was already striking that I liked working with numbers. So I kept as a 10 year old girl the income and expenditure of my little savings.
That passion has prompted me to choose pretty quickly for Accountancy-Information Technology as an academic and later to graduate in Accountancy-taxation.

I started as junior accountant and the Assistant of a company auditor to ending up as a file as administrator in an Accountancy Office where I did the accounts of several small businesses/sole traders such as a fruit and vegetable shop, a Hairdresser's salon, a clothes shop, a bookshop, ....

Soon grew the intention to keeping the full accounts from A to Z for a mid-sized company where I am employed as sole bookkeeper and can continue to grow. So I started in 2007 as bookkeeper at Inventive Designers.

The job, the responsibility and the trust in people, brings me to the person I am: helpful, good fun, optimistic and punctual. Every day I try to enjoy my family, friends and colleagues, my job and life!

My motto is: "Accept what you cannot change, but change that what you cannot accept"



Nathalie loves working with numbers and loves thinking about them

Kitchen princess

Nathalie loves cooking and baking with her children