Nico Brys

IT and Product Operations

Flash back to the year 1997, after moaning to my parents for several months, I finally got my first PC. It was an Intel 386 PC (the ones with the turbo boost button). In my eyes it was a beast of a computer. Some weeks later that same PC was lying in my room completely thorn apart trying to learn about the internals of such a device. In those days, my parents moved every single piece of electronics as highly up the closet as possible because I kept pushing every button I saw. (Yes, I’m one of those kids who managed to dial 911) Today, I haven’t lost a bit of the interest I had then for computers and everything surrounding it.

To expand my knowledge about computer science I decided to study Information Technology at the University of Ghent where I graduated in 2010 as Master in Industrial Science Informatics. Two months later I started working at Inventive Designers as a System Programmer and Designer. My main job description was assisting writing code for Scriptura.

Today, it’s my responsibility to manage dozen of physical, hundreds of virtual servers and the network infrastructure they need trying to create a highly available platform for our development team and customers using a wide variety of technologies such as VMware and Amazon AWS. Furthermore I’m still a developer of Scriptura and some internal software to increase productivity of our own team.

Working at Inventive Designers ensures me I can research, work and play with the latest technology on the market. Is there a better way than working with dozens of highly motivated and interested colleagues who have the same passion about technology to learn every little aspect? Personally, I don’t think so and I enjoy every single bit of it!

In my spare time, apart from playing with technology at home, I love sports especially volleyball. As a team player and coach I try to motivate everyone around me to enjoy the game as much as I do.



Nico is passionate about every piece of hardware and how they all work together