Jan De Hertogh

Lead Product Consultant

Nearly 50 years young, I'm working in IT for 30 years now. I started as a developer on IBM's system 23. Doing development in Basic (no ... not Visual Basic) in small companies in the Antwerp-area in Belgium.

During my career i worked at many, many different customer locations across multiple industries, giving me a broad knowledge on what companies want. In the past mainly in the area of whatever-kind-of administration, nowadays in automated document generation systems.

Although i seldom get the opportunity any more to do some development, I'm still proud to have a reasonable knowledge of iSeries (AS/400), RPG (say what?), and, last but not least, Lotus Notes.

To prevent people from calling me a dinosaur, I managed to become familiar with more recent technologies like XML, XSLT and XSL-FO just to name a few. I became familiar with these technologies thanks to projects with our product Scriptura. In Scriptura I’m specialized in using the template designer to produce advanced documents. I also love to give training on this subject and help customers to setup a manageable template design environment.

I should certainly not forget to mention I traveled around the world assisting our customers using another product of ours DTM. DTM is another product in document generation, but with a focus on IBM’s iSeries platform.



Jan likes to experiment with the international cuisine