Gert Cools

Lead Product Consultant

As a child, I have always had a broad interest in different kinds of technology. Year after year, this interest grew until I found myself studying Civil Engineering at Leuven University. During the first year I discovered how fun it is to experiment with software technologies and unfortunately how difficult maths could be as well. Therefore, I switched to the Unversity of Antwerp to study computer science.

Immediately after I graduated, I started working at Inventive Designers in the core development team. This way, I was able to discover the Scriptura product suite especially from the inside, along with all its technologies.

By working in my father’s grocery store I was already familiar with helping customers at a certain level. Therefore the step towards the Professional Services Team in 2009 wasn’t too big. In this job my focus shifted from the inside of Scriptura towards the outside. How can we integrate Scriptura succesfully in a customer environment in order to meet the customers communication needs.

I believe my knowledge of the inside of Scriptura is a great advantage when helping our customers to build a technically good solution that matches the expectations.


Scriptura Engage

Gert is an expert in succesfully integrating Scriptura within existing customer environments.

Web-based interfaces

Gert is the right person to help you creating web-based interfaces to interact with Scriptura.