Erik Vanherck

Product Architect

I’ve always been a tinkerer, fascinated from an early age by a wide range of engineering disciplines and everything I could either build or tear apart. At the dawning of the home computer age this had moved into electronics, eventually ending up in hardware and software. At age 10 I took my first programming class and never stopped, already dividing my time between a Commodore 64, Intel’s 8086 and several different languages.

During my studies as a Master in Computer Science at the University Of Antwerp, I expanded my broad interests into every OS and language I could get my hands on, being especially fascinated by low level design, performance, concurrency and distributed systems and high level operational architecture.

While I started out my career as a Systems Designer and Programmer at Inventive Designers in 2001 working on the very first lines of Scriptura code, I love diversity and usually took on additional roles within my field of interest such as release engineering, system administration, performance tuning and implementation architecture design. As I stepped up the ladder in 2005 I did not forget my deep technical background while managing teams.

Today as Product Delivery Manager I still leverage all of these skills on a daily basis, ensuring our customers receive cross platform, high quality, well tested and fast software that fits in very different architectures and solutions. Successfully combining roles, often filled in by entirely different people in many larger organizations, such as Technical Product Manager, Release and QA Engineering Manager, Technical Team Leader and IT manager keeps me not only very busy but satisfies by broad hunger for knowledge and variation.

Although obviously diminished I still make time to write and tune software; keep up to date with all the different wheels that make a up a large scale IT infrastructure, listen to our customers and partners technical requirements and even administrate our own infrastructure (both in internal datacenters as in the cloud) ensuring we make the right decisions for our customers.

Over the years we have built an amazing team and even more stunning products at Inventive Designers, driven by passion and a never ending energy, permeated by knowledge and expertise. This not only creates an agile, lively and driven atmosphere but ensures even our lunch conversations are never boring for the little geeks in all of us.


Product Delivery

Erik Vanherck is Product Delivery Manager at Inventive Designers where he watches over the technical architecture and deliverables of the products.

Quality Software

Erik Vanherck is passionate about quality software and infrastructure design, performance and large complex systems.

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