Christophe De Decker

Lead Product Consultant

I did not develop the fascination for IT and all that it entails until my final years of high school. Just in time to decide this was the path I wished to walk upon for my higher education and professional carrier. This is why I started studying computer science at the University of Antwerp. After a fair amount of challenges and the right amount of problem solving, I graduated as a master in computer science.

After graduating, I started at Inventive Designers as a professional services consultant where I learned to put the theory into practice. Here I help customers find and implement the perfect (Scriptura) solution for any given problem concerning document generation and integration into existing systems. Although the quest for knowledge is everlasting, working with new and/or innovating technologies occasionally appeases the hunger. Because I meet many different customers to work on many different projects, there is a lot of variety in my work. This makes working as a service consultant interesting and keeps the motivation high.

Apart from my work as a service consultant, I love playing any kind of team sport. I spend most of my childhood playing football and volleyball. Both in hobbies and at work I continuously aim to perfect my skills and pick up new ones on the way.


Design & Development

Christophe can design and develop efficient solutions to even the most challenging problems.


Christophe loves to experiment with new products/technologies.