Bert Vingerhoets

Senior Product Developer

I've always been interested in technical stuff, scrounging bits and pieces from discarded computers to build my own systems. In high school I switched from hardware to software and I became a Turbo Pascal wizard almost overnight after my father taught me the basics. By the time the 'computer course' switched from Word and Excel to actual programming, I blew everyone away with my first game (a Tetris clone) and high-resolution fractal renderings drawn via VESA BIOS extension calls. I'm still thankful to my teacher who allowed me to spend class time on my own projects.

After high school I went to university (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) to study computer science, an obvious choice for me by that time. From very early on I was confronted with advanced concepts such as abstraction, different programming paradigms (including functional and declarative programming), programming language design and artificial intelligence. I did my elective courses mostly in the area of hardware theory: networks, (distributed) computer systems, and electronics. For my master's thesis I researched aspects of data reconciliation in distributed systems using the Actor model.

When I graduated as MSc in Applied Computer Science, I started at Inventive Designers. During my first years I worked predominantly on the Scriptura output formatter and individual output formats, with occasional skirmishes into the UI. Later I started working in a more researchy capacity on what would ultimately grow into IntelliStamp*. Somewhere along I also took over maintenance of the DTM for iSeries product, pulling it kicking and screaming into the 21st century by rewriting the VB6 part in C#.NET.

My thirst for technical expertise proved unquenched by my professional work, so I enrolled in evening classes woodworking and welding. My other hobbies include driving my motorcycle, digital photography and trying to keep my twenty-year-old car from collapsing in a pile of rust.

*IntelliStamp was developed by Inventive Designers, but is sold in 2015 to Cipal IT Solutions.



Bert has been involved with IntelliStamp from the cradle onwards. It holds no secrets for him

Scriptura Engage

Bert is the resident specialist in all things related to output rendering