Bart Smets

Senior Product Developer

I have always been interested in computers since I was a child and started writing my first programs in C when I was in high school. The choice for studying computer science at the University of Antwerp was therefore pretty obvious. I started working at Inventive Designers literally one week after getting my masters degree in 2011, first as an external consultant and later as a full blown member of the team. What excites me most about the field of software development is that its constantly moving, allowing me to learn new techniques and practices every day.

At Inventive Designers I am responsible for the development of the Scriptura Mobile framework, the reference applications built on top of this framework, and the backend Document Flow Steps used to integrate Scriptura Mobile with the rest of the Scriptura solution suite. Obviously, mobile is an exciting field of development with increasing demand, as many people tend to want to move away from desktop computers and use their tablets or smartphones instead. Even though Scriptura Mobile is still only a relatively new component of the entire Scriptura suite, I strongly believe that this product will prove to be a great success in the future.

Aside from the mobile development, I also assist in the research and development of new features for Scriptura Engage, maintaining the existing software and performing QA tests.

Aside from software development, I have also been playing the guitar since high school and just like many other people I also enjoy a good movie.


Software development

Bart handles the complete software development cycle for Scriptura Mobile, including the initial design, implementation, QA, documentation and support

Technological advancements

Bart is always interested in learning about the newest technologies and best practises on the market