Anick Verstraeten

Office Manager & Sales Support

Maintaining a balanced process of work inside the administrative office of a highly successful medium-sized business expects many talents of the Office Manager and his/her team.

If you can work 'for those with the drive to succeed', as all employees of Inventive Designers can be named, this is yet very satisfactorily.

But next to the HR responsibilities, the clerical aspect of the internal coordination within the organization and the various assignments that are involved, my main passion is to maximize customer satisfaction.
Being part of the chain that sees its primary task to serve and meet the customers' requirements every minute of every day is my mission.

This is what brings me back to the roots, my studies Marketing, where everything that you perform is for 'the final receiving system': the customer.

To use all the competencies that you possess such as integrity, assertivity, flexibility, accuracy and the ability to cope with pressure in order to make the right decision for the right customer at the right moment is what I love. In other words : "Scan the horizon and reach out to existing customers or prospects to generate exactly what they need".
This explains why I am proud to being also part of an advising sales team in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment.
This is where I can function as a focused, self-driven independent team player.

Summarized, my goal is to use common sense and set a positive attitude day after day for a maximum retention rate inside -excellent staff- and outside -happy customers- the business !


Office Management

Anick takes care of the organization of the internal control procedures of an administrative team covering accounting, finance, contracts and procurement


Anick is responsible for all the personnel administration and insurances