Social Corporate Responsibility

Help our customers reach their corporate social responsibility goals

  • Our software technology that is used by our customers on a daily basis reduces the amount of paper communications and replaces it with electronic communications. Electronic communications use far less environmental resources compared to printing, enveloping and sending letters through the regular mail.

Respect for each and every individual

  • Take into account the uniqueness and focus on the strengths of each individual.
  • We help and encourage our employees to develop their talents.
  • People with a restriction are welcomevin our team.


  • Our working methods, such as Agile development and SCRUM, are meant to bring the best out of our employees, making them more confident and increasing their self respect.

Help the industry

  • We find it important that the technological industry as a whole makes progress. Therefore we are committed to help shape the open standards. As an example, we are an active member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the AFP Consortium.


  • We believe in sustainability in the relationships we build with employees, customers, partners, and the outside world.
  • Use energy and water sparingly.
  • We consciously opt for a car fleet with low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.